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“Building Southern Utah” a look into the future!

Have you heard of “Group meetings”, “team groups”, “table teams”, etc.? They are everywhere and they are working. Do you know why these environments work? It’s because there is accountability, checks-and-balances, and others who are there with different skills that can offer you advice. The team environment usually is a win-win for those participating, however the time and money required to join these groups or teams may prevent many from participating in these programs.

When each of us starts to look into home improvements, new home purchase, a new business, or even building or purchasing a new commercial building, where do we start our search? The internet? Are you looking for a new product, a city ordinance, a state law, or simply a phone number to call? Is it safe to assume you will be looking on the internet for this? When looking for new ideas, new areas to expand our lives in, or business ideas, it seems like we all pick up our phones, or we jump on our computers. Social media has become and will continue to be our future. Lets grab the opportunity to work together!

We are stepping up the game as a flooring contractor company. We are going to create a team or group through our Web Page, LinkedIn, Facebook (and hopefully other social means), titled; Building Southern Utah. By creating a group on each social media thread everyone can participate regardless of your comfort on social media. The goal for this project is to bring together those who are growing and building southern Utah through our homeowners (new and existing), business ownership, contracting jobs and other means of creating growth. Lets work together to keep this community strong and beautiful!


Building Southern Utah; Creating an environment where homeowners, contractors, businesses and others can proactively discuss the future growth of Southern Utah! Working B2B and B2C’s in one location allows open dialog for anyone, or everyone, helping to grow Southern Utah. If you are from another State, you can look for local connections. Check us out!

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