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People love patterns, especially in architecture, and one of the most amazing mediums that have been seen time and time again throughout history is the use of tiles on floors, walls, and even ceilings to create amazing works of eye-grabbing art that have lasted through the centuries. The use of tiles in building aesthetics has been around since ancient Mesopotamia and has been discovered in archeological dig sites all around the world. The most amazing thing about tiles is that they last much longer than other forms of expression, retaining their color and detail long past when paint, wood, and even stone have sometimes lost their detail.


St George Flooring has years of expertise in laying tile St George both large and small. We love tile jobs because we know that the end result is going to be enjoyed for generations to come. The best part is that with all the many different kinds of tile that we have available to us, tile jobs are some of the most versatile that come our way. Each presents a different scope of possibilities, and while we are grateful that not everyone wants their home to look like La Maison Picassiette,  in Chartres, France, we do look forward to jobs that other tile layers might consider more challenging.


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High-quality tile St George in the home

Tile St George flooring can last a lifetime; it’s durable and never shows wear. We carry porcelain and ceramic tiles, Italian and Spanish tiles, hand-painted and even wood look tiles creating endless possibilities for design and pattern. You can mix and match different looks, shapes, and colors to make your home reflect your style. Whether you want tile floors, want a new backsplash in your kitchen, or want to redo your shower tiles, we’ve got you covered. You could even tile your stair risers for a more polished and unique look.

tile st George backsplash in bathroom
tile st George backsplash in bathroom

Tile St George for Commercial Businesses

Are you looking for a way to help your business stand out from the crowd? Consider using tile St George in the floor or wall design. Tile is timeless; it never goes out of style and it lasts a very long time. Just like in the home, the possibilities with commercial tile are endless. You could create an amazing mosaic tile accent wall or create a gorgeous tile backsplash in a restroom. Tile allows your business to be creative and memorable.

Practical use for tile St George

While the aesthetic appeal of tiles is alluring, there are also several practical reasons to use tile in your home or business. It’s a great option for bathroom walls and around kitchen sinks where moisture and water spills are bound to happen. Tiles, especially porcelain and ceramic tiles, are easy to clean as their glossy surface is naturally stain and dirt resistant. While dirt will accumulate in the pockmarks and crevices on non-ceramic tiles that are damaged, they are generally able to be cleaned with water and a little soap, so no harsh chemicals are required.

We can help you find the right tile flooring to fit your needs

Are there any downsides to tile St George?

Yes. There are two main concerns when using tile St George flooring.

  1. Tile St George can be costly right upfront, however, if you can invest in tile, you will be rewarded for years to come with a beautiful floor or wall that is easily cleaned, and will last a long, long time.
  2. Some tile is slippery when wet. When considering where you want your tile floor or wall splash it is important to consider the kind of tile that is going to be installed. Some tiles are glossy and smooth on the surface, while others are rough and textured. Taking care to select the proper tiles for the proper area will ensure that you have secure footing at all times. Our experts and St George Flooring know the best types of tile to use in all situations and can readily guide you in your decision.

The Possibilities Are Endless With Our Vast Tile St George Options

No matter what your needs are, be it commercial offices, housing developments, lobbies, or in your own home, St George Flooring can help you find and install the right tile wherever you need it!

  • Backsplashes
  • Showers
  • Tub Surrounds
  • Floors
  • Wood Look Plank
  • Backsplashes
  • Showers
  • Tub Surrounds
  • Floors
  • Wood Look Plank


Kitchen and bathroom sinks are specifically designed to contain water, and yet water seems to get everywhere else more frequently than it should. Having a tile backsplash around your sink is a great way to protect your walls and floor from water damage. Tile Backsplashes also make cleaning the area around the sink much easier as they are naturally stain resistant and can usually be cleaned without the need for harsh chemicals.

Tub Surrounds

Tiles have been used in bathrooms and bathhouses since the times of the ancient Greeks, and, not surprisingly, their beautiful layouts were the places of some very important scientific discoveries. If you would like your tub surrounds to feel a little more like something that could inspire Archimedes or yourself to shout “Eureka!” then a new, personalized tile job could be just the thing.


Floor tiles come in all shapes and sizes and the possibilities of how yours can be designed are endless. Tiles are durable, and easily cleaned, so they make excellent flooring for areas of high-foot traffic. St George Flooring are master tyle layers, so whether you want your floor to have a classic herringbone layout, a solid looking basket weave, or a custom mosaic of your company name and logo, we are sure that we can do the job.


While most people don’t need an excuse to spend a couple more minutes in the shower, having a stylized shower space can make the daily experience feel more iconic. Tile St George is moisture resistant and makes for a great outer covering to your shower and bathroom walls. It not only looks great, but it is easy to clean too.

Wood-look Plank

Wood-look plank tiles are wonderful for people who are looking for the more traditional feel of wood, but want their floor or wall to have extra durability against scratches, dents, and warping. Wood-look plank tiles are great because they give off a similar ambiance as natural wood, but don’t require the same level of maintenance.

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