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At St George Flooring we have a large selection of carpet options for both Residential and Commercial use. While the basic reason for carpet in either situation is the same, having something soft and warm to walk on, the utility in both instances is a little different. For those looking for residential carpet options, the main focus is usually going to be comfort and its ability to match the aesthetic appeal of the home, while those looking for commercial carpet are going to focus more on utility, longevity, and ease of maintenance. For both carpet St George situations our large selection of carpet St George Utah options are made with three main types of carpet fibers: nylon, polyester, and triexta.  Nylon is the most durable, it tends to last longer in high traffic areas.  Polyester is more affordable, but it will show wear faster making it great for low traffic areas. Triexta is comparable in durability with nylon, however, triexta is naturally stain resistant and can be cleaned with just water. Triexta is also generally softer than nylon and polyester fibers due to the fact it doesn’t need to be treated for stain resistance. We carry multiple carpet brands, including Mohawk, Shaw, Phenix, Dreamweaver, Anderson Tuftex, and Dixie Home. Each carpet St George Utah brand carries multiple lines of carpet, to cover every stage of life and every pocketbook. With so many options of colors, durability, style, and texture, it’s easy to find the best carpet st george utah fit for your home.

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Commercial Carpet Tiles and Textured Carpet St George Utah

Carpeting in the commercial world is often seen as different from residential for several reasons: there is a need for more durability, a higher coverage area, and it needs to be easy to clean. A great option for businesses are what are known as carpet tiles. At St George Flooring we have hundreds of carpet tiles to choose from for your commercial building, with fibers ranging from nylon, polyester, and olefin. These carpet tiles have many different options for commercial carpet fibers, just like with residential carpet St George Utah options, and we are certain that we can find the one that is perfect for your needs. 

Textured carpets are great for long term carpet plans because they rebound better from having desks, beds, chairs, and other pieces of furniture placed upon them for long periods of time. At St George Flooring we have options for textured carpet in rolls and carpets squares, so no matter what your need is we have you covered.

An idea as old as dirt…almost

Carpet, or the idea of carpet, has been recorded as being around since 2-3,000 B.C, and, interestingly enough, it was first invented in areas of the world that, like St George, are deserts. Back then, people lived primarily in homes with dirt or wooden floors, and so would use thick rugs of sheep or goat wool to put a protective layer between their feet and the ground. In modern times we still have rugs, but ironically enough they are usually used to add another layer of protection between the carpet and the feet of the homeowner but for the carpet’s sake. This idea of having something between us and the ground isn’t just traditional, it is practical, and with modern carpet technology there are many reasons why having carpet St George is an excellent choice for a home or business owner.

The Cushioning Effect of Carpet

Carpet St George adds a soft, comfortable feeling to a room. Walking on carpet is more comfortable than walking on harder surfaces, much like walking on grass is more comfortable than walking on asphalt or cement. Carpets provide a cushion, not only for your feet, but for the other unfortunate items that may be dropped. Fragile items like cups, plates and other crockery will more than likely shatter if dropped onto hardwood floors or tile, while they may survive a short fall onto a plush carpet. 

Additionally, carpet is much more comfortable to sit and kneel on for extended periods of time. For homes with childrens switching out the old carpet for one our new carpet St George Utah options has the added benefit of making sure that your kids have a safe place to sit, crawl, and play on.

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The Possibilities Are Endless With Our Carpet Style Options

High Quality Carpet St George Utah! No matter what your needs are, be it commercial offices, housing developments, lobbies, or in your own home, St George Flooring can help you find and install the right carpet St George wherever you need it!

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Let us help you find the right Carpet St George Utah to suit your needs.

One of the first things that people notice when they enter a building is the floor. Our feet notice the difference in texture, and our ears hear the different sound long before our eyes adjust to the change in light and we can see. Carpet flooring is nice because it welcomes visitors into the room with a soft, and quiet entrance. The feeling of an additional cushion underfoot helps relieve stress and tension in the body, and helps people walk with a little bit more spring in their step. It is a desirable choice for many people both for homes and businesses. 

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The Insulating Property of Carpet

Sound absorption is next on our carpet St George list of benefits. Carpets, especially thicker carpets cushion impact and reduce the sound of footfalls. This is especially nice on upper floors as it helps muffle the sounds of thumping and bumping that people and pets commonly make while walking around. In business offices where focus is important, having carpets on the floor helps mask the irritating clicking, clunking, and squeaking noises that professional foot-wear and office chairs tend to make on harder surfaces like tile or hardwood. Everyone appreciates a quieter workspace, and having carpet on your floors could help boost your employees focus and productivity.

Along with insulation from sound, a good carpet will also help insulate your building’s temperature. This applies in both hot and cold weather. Carpet helps trap the warm and cool air that your hvac system works so hard to produce in the room, allowing the moderate temperatures that you want to stick around longer. This feature helps lower heating and cooling costs in homes and businesses, and allows them to be better environments for focus, living, and work. If you don’t like walking on a cold floor in the morning, then you need the insulating power of carpet in your life. 

The Protecting Power of Carpet

St George is dusty, especially during the summer, and having a carpet to catch that dust and keep it from traveling perpetually through the air helps a lot with allergies. While not all carpets are designed for allergen control, there are many types that have been created with the additional intent of trapping air pollutants like pollen, pet dander, and, of course, dust. Carpet St George helps improve the air quality of a building, and this improved further by having those captured pollutants cleaned up by frequent vacuuming.

The Appeal of New Carpet

Most carpet lasts from between five to ten years on average depending on how well it is taken care of, and if your carpet is old then it is likely that you and other people are aware of it. Old carpet is usually thin or patchy in spots, has faded color, and feels like an old rug under foot. New carpet, on the other hand, has strong color tones, is full and uniform, and is much more enjoyable to walk on. Steve de Shazer the famous psychotherapist said, “…a change in where you stand changes everything.” While he was speaking about perspective, his insite applies to your floor as well. 

Just changing out your old carpet for new makes a big difference in appearance. One of the primary reasons why we recommend new carpet st George is that it completely changes the aesthetic appeal of a building. For businesses this is an especially nice feature as it can make an old office space look more new and inviting. Old Carpet also tends to have years of acquired pollutants trapped within it, as well as sometimes having exposed carpet tacks and other hazards.

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