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Carpet Makes a Comeback!

Published on July 15, 2017

Kent Coulson

Sales Consultant for St George Flooring

In recent years we have made an exodus away from carpets towards the popular wood look ceramics and the popular Luxury Vinyl Plank, but recently something happened! With the endless options in Color , Style, Patterns and fabrics Carpets became A personalized choice for home and business owners alike. Now we don’t have to be like everyone else!

Who doesn’t love the feel of the new Silk feeling fabric carpets under their feet? The wear and texture warranties are second to none with the new blended fabrics and the reviews are reassuring everyone the soft fiber carpets are here to stay. Another very popular style in today’s market are the new linear sculptured carpets. These are manufactured in everything from a Polyester Triexta blend to the tried and true Nylon fiber carpets that have a very rich expensive look. Also consider the beautiful wool look carpets. These Wool inspired pieces were designed with the wool concept but not the real wool prices. We all know wool will last a lifetime which is a very nice quality! The down side is most of us will be ready for a change in about 8-10 years, which seems to be the average time frame most are looking at changing to keep up with the way the trends are going.

This brings up another important quality of carpet over Ceramics and other hard surface flooring. The cost of changing a ceramics, wood and wood look products can be very expensive as compared to changing a carpet, sometimes 4 times or more the cost! Consider changing your carpet to stay up with the latest styles and being able to do it 4 times for the cost of 1 tile installation, Never mind the mess involved in changing tile floor.

As we move towards the cooler seasons what better time to consider the possibilities the new pattern and sculptured carpets offer. Designers love using carpets because of the many possibilities available to change the feel of a project or to personalize it and make it unique to your tastes!

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